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Supima cotton: dimensionally stable with brilliant color

Supima is a licensed trademark that awards your licenses only to selected partners. For us a giant compliment to use this raw material in our products. Supima is clearly more resistant than conventional cotton and guarantees that the goods are dimensionally stable and permanently retains its brilliant color. So you enjoy your joy of your garment. The special quality can also feel: the extra long-stack fibers provide a luxurious and particularly soft grip.

Knitted on form

In the production of our products, professionalism and precision are in the foreground. For example, we produce our sweaters, fully fashioned ', that is, each part is knitted on form. After that everything is linked by hand and omely. We offer a consistently high standard and thus the certainty to always buy the right one.

The philosophy behind it is clear: "Detailed Quality and Workmanship."

Detailed trends

In addition, we travel through different countries to track impressions, inspirations and trends. All this, reflects in our products again. True to our motto, to live is to explore ', discover the detailed loyalty in our products.

Have fun with your new Fynch Hatton garment!


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