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For us it’s all about quality- quality leather, quality design and quality customer service…

Mala Leather is a young, fresh, innovative company that appreciates the true beauty of a quality product- we also love a bit of the quirky, too!

Our iconic handmade products are made with materials and fabrics that have all been sourced from our ethical partners. We recognise that a quality bag, wallet or purse will live with people for years, sometimes decades. Which is why we put so much passion into the design of our ranges, we want you to love your Mala Leather product forever… 

Our design team are on always on mission to provide an electrifying mix of fun, quirky and classic products. Each season we launch new, exciting, eclectic collections that can find a happy home on the shoulders, or in the pockets, of their new owners. So whether you’re rocking out at festival, having afternoon tea with the girls, or strutting your stuff on the red carpet, we’ve got the collection for the occasion. Make a statement with Mala Leather this season. 

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